Thursday, December 24, 2009

They Gave Him Gifts

Worship includes giving. We see this in the Wise Men. When they finally found the baby Jesus after their long journey and after searching for Him throughout the land of Judea, they fell down and worshipped. . . ." (Mt. 2:11b NKJV) They also presented gifts to Him: gold, frankincense, and Myrrh. (Mt. 2:11c NKJV)

We do not know how much the Wise Men understood about Jesus—if they knew He was God in the flesh—a perfect sacrifice sent from heaven to a sin-ridden world.

We do know they were aware of God’s unique stirring in their hearts as they searched for the child. And God supernaturally guided them on their search. After their encounter with Herod, the star which they had see in the East went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was. (2:9c)

The Wise Men acknowledged that the child born in lowly conditions was somehow worthy of more than simple admiration. They demonstrated reverence by falling down in front of Him. They worshipped the tiny baby. And they gave Him gifts of great value.

Originally published December 23, 1988.
Picture: Gift boxes. Photo by Solveig.

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