Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coming Into View

During the liturgical season of Advent, all Christendom prepares for the advent or coming of the baby Jesus. The word Advent literally means, coming into place or coming into view.

Yet we appreciate the full impact of Jesus’ advent only by looking at His ministry. For when this itinerant carpenter began to reveal His identity, the world responded, No one ever spoke the way this man does. (Jn. 7:46 NIV)

One day during Jesus’ early ministry, As he walked along he saw Levi [Matthew], son of Alphaeus sitting at the tax collector's booth. (Mk. 2:14a NIV) Jesus said, Follow me, and Matthew did. (v. 14c) He even accepted a new name.

Jesus is still revealing His identity by coming into view. He continues to reveal Himself to people, and He comes to us that we might come to Him. His invitation, Follow me, is still open.

Originally published November 26, 1982.
Picture: Homemade Christmas log. Photo by Solveig.

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